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FAQ About Ear Piercing

Q: Can I bring my own earrings and have them put in my child's ears?

A: Unfortunatly no, because we use pre-loaded sterile earrings to ensure the safest piercing possible.

Q: How soon can I change the earrings you put in?

A:  Six weeks, at which time they must be replaced immediately or the piercing hole could close.  There has to be an earring in the ear at all times until the piercing has fully healed, anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on the person.

Q: I see you have both plastic and titanium earrings.  Which is better?

A: Plastic earrings are great for people who have a metal sensitivity and can help to shorten the healing time but beyond that both products are of the highest quality and are designed to help the ears to heal with as few complications as possible. 

Q: What do you do that is so different from having my child's ears pierced at the mall?

A: First is experience.  We have had the same person piercing ears for 12 years now and in comparison the mall staff likely have high school or college aged employees who have had minimal training and experience.  The second reason is that we have a fully trained medical staff who understands how germs spread and take every precaution to ensure a safe and clean piercing.  It's important to remember that ear piercing is a medical procedure.

Q: At what age do you start to pierce ears?

A: The earliest we will pierce ears is after the first set of immunizations have been administered at the two month visit.  If you do not get immunizations for your infant we will not be able to pierce their ears.

Q: I'm worried about placement, how do you make sure the earrings are even?

A: We use a surgical nontoxic pen that leaves a purple dot on the ear.  Once the dots have been placed parents are given the opportunity to judge the location and changes are made if needed until the client is happy about the location of the dots.  Only then is the piercing done.

Q: Is it fine to go swimming after getting your ears pierced?

A: The first two weeks are when your new piercings are most susceptible to infection so swimming during this time does carry some risk.  The following guidelines are recommended:

  • Swimming in lakes or ponds is strongly discouraged due to the high levels of bacteria in the water.  
  • Pools have less risk because they are chlorinated but ears should be cleaned upon exiting pool 
  • Swimming in the ocean has the least risk due to high salt content of water.