You must make an appointment for your physical and at least 48 hours prior to your appointment you must submit the following to us - Complete vaccination record and immigration paperwork by fax (781-235-9738) or by mail to Dr. Milana Stavitsky, 422 Worcester St, Suite 105, Wellesley, MA  02482 or by email to or

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Immigration Medical Examinations

Universal Pediatric Associates, PC

What you need to bring

 Government issued photo ID

Applicable payments (Immigration physicals are not covered by insurance and payment is due at the time of service).

Complete vaccination record

Immigration paperwork

An adult who can read and write English

Proof of prior treatment for TB

Any mental health records



                                                                                              The Immigration Physical Process


Your entire process will be at least 2 visits to our office depending on what services each individual requires.  Payment is required at the time of the visit and this fee includes the PPD plant and the blood draw.  Additional payment may be required for vaccines and/or X-rays.

1)On your first visit along with your medical exam we will plant a PPD test on your skin for all applicants ages 2 and above. 

2)    All applicants ages 15 years and older will also have their blood drawn to test for syphilis and need to leave a urine sample to test for gonorrhea. 

3)    Based on each individual need, blood may need to be drawn for titers (immunity) for infectious disease such as varicella, measles, mumps and rubella. 

4)    If titers are not required and we know which vaccines need to be administered, we can administer these vaccines during the first visit.

5)   At your second visit which must be 48 hours after the first visit, we will check the site where the PPD was planted to read and interpret.

6)    If your PPD is positive a chest X-ray will be required at Newton Wellesley Hospital to determine if there is evidence of active tuberculosis.

7)   After results, we will prepare your paperwork and seal the envelope for you to pick up for USCIS.


Addition services may be needed like a vaccine or titer.